NFP (Non-Farm Payroll)

Non-farm payroll is a highly influential economic indicator that focuses on the state of the US labour market. Excluding farm workers, private household employees and those working for non-profit organisations, the figures reveal whether the US labour market has grown or shrunk in the previous month and by how many individual payrolls. The final figures are released on the first Friday of every month by the Bureau of Labour Statistics and are one of the highlights on the economic calendar for USD traders.

North American Session

The North American session is the last session of each trading day, opening between 12pm and 8am GMT. These hours change whenever daylight savings is observed.

No Dealing Desk (NDD)

Brokers who operate a No Dealing Desk model pass the trades they receive from their clients straight through to liquidity providers. They do not intervene in any way between the trader and the market.